Hiking, trekking through the valley of the Tarn.
Customized trekking-services for those who prefer organizing most of their holiday plans themselves
Tarn River valley in the Grands Causses Nature Park in South of France


Additional services with your self-organized holiday in sunny South of France.

For the organisation of a whole walk or bike tour in South of France see the website of   La Ligne verte


We are not a tour-operator, but we offer additional services to travelers as well as to profesional providers of holiday journeys in Tarn Valley between Albi and Millau

 vallee du tarn

  • We can find and reserve your hotel rooms or your guesthouses, but we will not book them for you. If you need that  you can best  contact La Ligne Verte here or surf to La Ligne Verte.

  • We can prepare almost any part of your holiday plans. Mail us here for our help




We can offer additional services like: 

  • Bags transfer (hikers and bikers)
  • Help with bike rental, also for e-bikes.
  • Compose your activity journey in Tarn valley (We live there since 2008).
  • We can provide maps. route notes GPS-tracks.
  • Help with (pré)-reservation of rooms in hotels and chambres d'hôtes.
  • Contact, assistence, tolk, travelinformation.
  • Temporary stockage of bagage, tents, bikes.

Contact us at TSF in Tarn valley



Tel.: +33674926314        

email:      info@touristservicesfrance.fr   




Trekking in the Grands Causses and in Tarn Valley
(Millau, St.Affrique, Pays de Roquefort, Gorges des Raspes du Tarn, Gorges du Tarn, Sud-Aveyron)


Travelling to Aveyron